Youth Fellowship

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value” (Albert Einstein)

Did you know that the most common Facebook post is an inspirational quotation?

“Like it” or not, social media is having a huge influence on our society and especially on the way our young people interact with each other and the world.  This year we as a youth fellowship have been looking at how we are to be Christians in the social media world!

Youth fellowship continues to meet on Sunday evenings with the occasional social Saturday night out.  Our Saturday evenings this year have included a Chinese night, a trip to see the Belfast Giants beat the Nottingham Panthers, bowling and Mickey D’s and a high octane Go Karting night in Ballymena, the result of which is still a bone of contention with some of the guys.

Our Sundays evenings in the spring term we studied the gospel of Mark from start to finish.  It was a blessing to study a whole Gospel and as Mark is so eager to jump straight in and tell Christ’s story it was the ideal gospel for YF.  In the winter term, as I have pointed out, we looked at social media and the Gospel, at how we as Christians should interact with social media and how we can use them to further God’s kingdom.



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