Building on the Rock

Sunday Schools

Bible Class will commence on Sunday 9th September at 9.30am for young people Yr 10-Yr 14

Sunday School will take place during the morning service for children in Primary School

Afternoon Sunday School will commence on Sunday 9th September at 3.00pm for children up to Yr 10



Confused? Some of us realize it and some of us don’t. A little boy told me that Joseph, in the Christmas story, had a coat of many colours. Someone, in a more senior class, declared that she was confused when thinking about creation. I don’t think would be of any help to either of them, but thankfully our well-prepared teachers are on hand to guide the children and young people towards the truth.

As leader it is my privilege to drop in on all the classes and see how the children are developing. Some come with little knowledge, but many leave knowing exactly what it means to be a Christian. ‘Jesus said, “I am the way,”’ was our theme for last year and Children’s Day gave us an opportunity to share with our church family verses we had learnt, songs we had sung and a sketch written and performed by Jonny’s class. It was also an opportunity to give a bible to some of the children who didn’t have one. Watching one little boy sit, totally engrossed, leafing through his, at the end of the service gave us such a thrill.

Please continue to pray for us.


Our Services are 10.30am & 6.30pm each Sunday.

Sunday School for children up to Year 10 and takes place during the morning service.

Crèche is available during the morning service.

Everyone is welcome at all our services.