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Portrush CSSM 2019

Portrush CSSM 2019 will run from Monday 8th July to Friday 21st July Please bear in mind the traffic in Portrush as the 148th Open will be on in Royal Portrush Golf Club but dont let it put you off Portrush CSSM will be in full swing too!
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Boys' Brigade & Girls' Brigade

Our Boys' and Girls' Brigade are looking forward to our new year ahead and we have space for lots more boys and girls to come.   Girls' Brigade begins on Monday 9th September Age3 (on 1st July 2019) to Year 4  Explorers 6
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You Tube Channel

We now have a You Tube Channel where Rev Kirkpatrick has uploaded "Keeping in Touch" a daily update on the life of Pauline Hamilton and also Lives on Trial - Easter Week Encouragments Here is the link to our You Tube Channel
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Children's Activity Pages

Sunday 7th June Joseph 6  Genesis Chapter 41 I can pray.
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Our Services are 10.30am & 6.30pm each Sunday.

Sunday School for children up to Year 10 and takes place during the morning service.

Crèche is available during the morning service.

Everyone is welcome at all our services.